Sunday, April 18, 2010

Theodore Kaczynski

He was an ordinary young child with high IQ on logical mathematics, a score of 167 overall. Well, at least many thought so. Before he turned, he had hives and was isolated in an Illinois’s hospital ward. Despite his health conditions, he was accepted in Harvard University at the age of 16.

Subsequently he graduated at the age of 20. Soon, he became an assistant professor publicizing many works which are still used today.

Things took a turn when he started to move away to live in a wooden shack built by himself. He started building bombs in forms of mails and has killed numerous people including some of his universities’ colleagues. Subsequently in the 1990s, he was arrested and has be sentenced to life in prison without a possibility of a parole.

This story caught the attention of many psychologists in the past. Initially they studied his childhood to see if anything went wrong during his childhood and found out that despite having a high IQ, he had been ill for most of his life. Some part of his brain was not fully developed and was not stimulated properly. Some argued that he made a choice while many believed that he did it against his own will based on his testimonies while he was at prison.

Ted isn’t the only person who has a high IQ but would grow up to be socially rejected by the public. Among others are

1) Sufiah Yusof, Malaysian math prodigy who entered Oxford University at the age of 12 who would become a personal escort cum prostitute.

2) John Nash, created a game equilibrium theory whom later has serious schizophrenia which distant him from his peers.

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