Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Wild Child: Victor of Aveyron

Debates on week-5

  1. It can either be within the tutorial or inter-tutorial debates. Class-rep please let me know by next week if it's possible to combine 2 tutorials together at one time for inter-tutorial debate on week-5.
  2. Each team will consist of four debaters and one advisor.
  3. They will deliver speeches in the following order:
    • Prime Minister: 1st debater of government team
    • Opposition Leader: 1st debater of opposition team
    • Deputy Prime Minister: 2nd debater of government team
    • Deputy Opposition Leader: 2nd debater of opposition team
    • Member for the Government: 3rd debater of government team
    • Member for the Opposition: 3rd debater of opposition team
    • Government Whip
    • Opposition Whip.
  4. The first two debaters from both teams will deliver a substantive speech of three minutes duration. This should be signaled by two strikes of the call bell.
  5. Next, 3rd debater for both side will stand and have liberty debate for 3 minutes each. Start from the government team. Once one team stopped their argument and sit down, and time for another team will start counting, until 3 minutes end. Then, each of them has to make a sub-conclusion for 2 minutes, starting from the government team.
  6. Following is the liberty debate; with each team has 5 minutes. Start from any one of the debater from the government team, once the debater has sit down, the time of other side will start counting, until 4 minutes end for both teams.
  7. Finally, the last debater from opposition team will give a final conclusion within 4 minutes; follow by the last debater from the government team.
  8. The elements of presentation include eye contact, voice modulation, hand gestures, language, the use of notes and any other element which may affect the effectiveness of the presentation of the member.
  9. The use of notes is permitted, but members should be careful that they do not rely on their notes too much and detract from the other elements of manner.
  10. Titles are yet to be confirmed.
  11. Please select 2 of your classmates to be the time keeper and one as the host.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vacancy: Childline Malaysia

Childline Malaysia is a national 24-hour free phone outreach service for children up to the age of 18 years in need of care and protection. A privately funded project, run in partnership with NGOs, Child Helpline International, UNICEF, the Government of Malaysia and the corporate sector, we hope to provide a friendly confidential helpline for children who need any kind of assistance. We work closely with other organizations to provide direct assistance or referrals to protection, rehabilitation, and care support services.

The Childline Malaysia Call Center responds to calls from children needing assistance and someone to talk to about their problems utilizing established emergency and referral protocols. Childline Tele Counselors will manage a front-line operation providing a friendly but professional “listening ear” to children in need. The Call Center will operate 7 days/week, 24 hours/day, including public holidays. We currently have vacancies for the following positions:

  • Job Responsibilities: Provide excellent support on telephone counseling to children Speed and accuracy as well as effective communication is a pre-requisite Upon receiving a call, the individual evaluates the situation utilizing Childline Malaysia’s established protocols and, if warranted, links up to the appropriate agencies and referral services.
  • Receives, counsels, escalates and coordinates all calls with the appropriate agencies and referral services. Good telephone etiquette and professional conduct with all callers is required
  • Responsible for data compilation on a daily basis. And maintains call log book
  • Escalate the call logs to supervisor for follow up actions.
  • Job Requirements: 2 years working experience in customer service or preferably related to early childhood or youth supervision will be an added advantage. In house training related to call taking and counseling skills will be provided.
Lot2, Jalan Pemberita U1/49
Temasya Industrial Park
Glenmarie 40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-55692755
En. Zulzaha Shaari: OR
En. Nur Azlan Azizi: