Friday, April 23, 2010

Children of Cambodia
A trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia has opened my eyes to the reality of how children live in rural, under-developed countries like Cambodia. Children there are poor and unhygienic. Their faces and hands are dirty and clothes looks like they have never been washed.
Children are EVERYWHERE in Siem Reap. And often, kids as young as TWO YEARS OLD will work for their parents selling trinkets and souvenirs to tourist.  The level of English command of these children is surprisingly good. I asked them where they learned English from, and they said from tourists. No wonder got American accent -_-‘’  
Here are some of the pictures that I took. 
 Angkor Wat

              The place where they shot Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie

 2 kids begging on one of the Angkor buildings. Their hair very yellow. Malnutrition or being in the sun too much?

Kids selling souvenirs to tourists. Oh and that’s my dad =]
My dad refused to buy anything from them and they kept reducing the price.

Girl: Sir, buy bracelet. 5 Dollar for 1.
Dad: No thanks, I don’t need it.
Girl: Buy for your daughter, Sir. 3 Dollar, 3 Dollar.
Dad: No thanks. *Smiles*
Girl: Sir, please. 1 Dollar for 1, Sir.
Dad: No thanks, really.  * walks quickly trying to escape*
Girl: 50 cents, Sir.
Dad: Shakes head.   *runs away*
Girl: FREE, SIR!  

Funny lar. Haha!

Injured child

Cyber Café Cambodia style

 The next day we went to visit the floating village on Tonle Sap Lake. It is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. (

This was our tour guide on the lake. He’s only 18

Floating houses on the lake

Children living on the lake

Floating basketball court

 Small kid following parents to fish

The 2 boys in the red circles are paralyzed. They put themselves in a basin like thing and float to tourists and ask them for money because they can’t afford to go to school.

 Floating school
These children need donations from other people to be able to buy uniform, books and stationery.

The guy in white is the teacher

Education is seen as a privilege in Cambodia. Not every child gets the opportunity to study.

This trip to Siem Reap has been an eye opener to how poor and difficult life can be in an undeveloped country. The people there are very friendly. This place and its people have really touched my heart and helped me appreciate the things I do have. If you have the opportunity I would recommend you to visit this place. =]

 Here are some additional pictures I took from Hanoi, Vietnam.  Apparently the kids there are also very “geng”.  XD

credits to Carmen Chan Jia Wen, T4

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