Monday, April 19, 2010

First Steps At Just Six Months

Published: 16 Feb 2010

THIS is baby Xavier King taking his first steps... at just SIX MONTHS old.

The tot - who has just learnt to crawl - can walk 6ft unaided, something most one-year-olds struggle with.

Parents Mary, 30, and David, 27, knew he was a fast learner when he sat up alone at three months.

But they were amazed when he started wobbling round their front room in Cambridge.

Mary said: "We couldn't believe it when he started putting one leg in front of the other.

"I can't leave him alone - I've had to buy a play pen so he doesn't get into mischief."

Child development experts say it is "extremely uncommon".

Consultant paediatrician Dr Martin Ward Platt said: "It brings forward the moment when parents need eyes in the back of their heads."

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