Sunday, April 11, 2010

Music Education Benefits

Most experts agree that children who study music at an early age not only excel academicallly, but see emotional benefits as well.

Posted by Wong Shui Tong, T3


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  2. Other enrichment activities (e.g. reading, chess) may have similar effect as well

    commented by Ho Khee Hoong, T2

  3. music do bring good benefits because eventually when we listening to music or get in tune with music such as calm or smooth music, it do helps us in relaxing or having peace in mind..if we like music and play music because we like it, it will not only helps us in staying peaceful in mind and thus helps us in concentrating certain tasks such as studying because staying calm in mind eventually leads to better focusing and concentration..

    commented by Koi Kye Wen, T3

  4. Music really is normal for children already. Like kyewen said, it really can help people to be calm and relax at sometimes. For instance, my brother's child will stop crying sometimes(soft music) when she listened the guitar that I play for her.
    when I was negative emotion of feeling,I will listen to music or play musical instrument to express my feeling.
    So, music education is benefit for young generation.

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  6. yaya~ im agree with this educations~ seems it not bored like our Malaysia education system~ if got chance, i will contribute in this field too~ haha

    Shui Tong~