Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Brother Movie Review

  • Share your general review of the movie "Little Brother".


  • Do you think an elementary school kid like Byung-yi understand the actual concept of "death"?


  • How could you help children cope with grief and bereavement?


  • Would you tell a kid if he or she is diagnosed with cancer (or chronic illness)? Justify your answer.


  1. In reference to the third question;
    How could you help children cope with grief and bereavement?

    I think that the best way to help them see it from a more positive point-of-view. Granted you can never cheer them up 100% and that they will feel sad and miss that person. So, the best thing to do is not dwell on the lost. But instead, focus on the more positive things in the deceased's life, or even bring religion into the matter, such as telling "the child that the deceased went to heaven".

  2. For the fourth question about whether or not I would tell a child if he/she is diagnosed with cancer or any chronic illness, I would tell the kid the truth about his illness because its his body and deserves to know.

    Also, if its chronic its better that the kid would know what disease he/she is having and then they can prepare themselves mentally, and wouldn't just leave the world not knowing.

  3. Can an elementary school kid understand the concept of 'death'?
    -Maybe not fully as in where does death leads(where is he going?) or what does death do(biologically,lifeless body,it's there but not moving,non-responsive), can it be avoided(why my brother,he didn't do anything wrong) but surely understand the effects like the absence/loss of the person and the emotional influence of the process. A shocking new lifestyle I might say if he lose a close brother(the synopsis I read didn't say he died anot) and an early exposure to life's end and effects of cancer. Erm I think until now no one fully understand the concept of death especially the 'what happens next' part. - Eric,T3.

  4. for the third question.
    I agree with what Aaron said,which is give some positive thinking to the child.
    We need to let the child know the truth.On the same time, they need to have positive point of view.
    Hope all the children in this world is healthy.