Sunday, April 4, 2010

Real Life Sleeping Beauty: Louisa Ball Has Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Call her a Real Life Sleeping Beauty. Her name is Louisa Ball, a 15-year-old girl in the UK has a rare illness that is commonly known as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. She will take a nap and end up asleep for days, even weeks at a time as a result of this rare illness. Ball suffers from this uncommon sleeping disorder that has no cure or known cause at this time.

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While a lot remains unknown about the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, doctors do believe that the illness will not last forever. It's expected that Ball will have the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome for another 8-12 years approximately. Ball has formally been diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome. The illness is uncommon and only present in about 1,000 people worldwide. People who suffer from the Kleine-Levin Syndrome will seem fine one day, and then sleep for an extended period of time without warning or explanation.

Ball once slept for almost two weeks reaching the 13 day mark when she finally woke up. She sometimes wakes briefly during the sleeping episodes, but appears generally non-responsive and disoriented. As far as treatment goes, scientists are still trying to understand the rare Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

Researchers suspect that the Kleine-Levin Syndrome could possibly originate from a viral infection, something that teenagers commonly get. They believe that a viral infection could in some cases cause the sleeping center of the brain to be affected. The affected change could remain in place for a prolonged period of time, even years. Research suggests that some people may even be genetically pre-disposed to getting the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

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