Thursday, March 25, 2010


This award-winning human drama about an autistic youth training to become a marathon runner quickly became the runaway box office smash of 2005. Based on a true story, Marathon is a solid family film that delicately handles the issue of autism in Korean society in large part to due to the outstanding and utterly believable performance by its lead actor, Cho Seung-Woo.

Hey guys,

i just finish watching this awesome movie about a child who have autism. How he grew up, how the mother taught him, What and how is his family going through, etc etc.. Thought i would love to share it with all. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did ;D btw its a korean movie.. with english sub.. ;) No worries as it is about autism and not some cheesy, typical, korean love dramas :P It is in fact a very realistic movie~

hoho.. sorry.. i know im really bad a reviewing movies.. and it might start to seem unconvincing by now.. so i'm gonna stop talking/writing/typing.. blah watch it and rate it yourself ;)

P.s : There are a total of 17 parts lol.. so load everything before you watch because its going to take up lots of time ehehhee.. ;D

Hope you gained something!! :D









pt9 (its nice eh? xD)







pt 16

pt17 (LAST PART)

wahaha.. finally copied all 17 parts~
alright im off to continue my CMT assignment now.. buhbye~~

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  1. Well, I knew a Malaysian child from Pacesetters Athletic club Malaysia who finished a marathon at sub 6 hours when he was 7, managed a sub 5 hours from age 9-12 and I didn't know what happened to him after that. He constantly has leg injuries and is shorter than his dad some time after he reached puberty. You can train a child to run a marathon but not the full 42 kilometers at a very young age as now he has growth problems