Sunday, February 21, 2010

Verbal child abuse

by cheu teng---T3


  1. yer.. really will influence the kid's growing.. but not only kid I think..
    I remember last time, one of my secondary school teacher very like to scold we all " BODOH "
    She make us feel very scare of her, and influence our performance as well.
    - HuanLing -

  2. I think in any stage of our life, we will face the impact of verbal behavior no matter it is positive or negative.

    The most important thing is, how we deal with these words, because it decide how the words will influence us.

    Think before you talk, words do hurt.

  3. Beating wounds the body but words hurt the soul and I believe that a hurt soul is harder to heal or never heals if not taken care of.


  4. verbal abuse has a really bad abuse on children.
    people should be more aware of this issue and what it does to their children. i think more child education is needed for new parents. so that the right parenting style is carried out

    _jolyn, T3_